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The Peak Performance Center offers a transformational PT and performance experience through one-on-one care and utilizing cutting-edge treatment tools. Your time at PEAK is focused on you and your goals.

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Physical Therapy

High quality 1-on-1 care is imperative whether post-operative, having a sports injury or returning to the activities you know and love, pain-free. PEAK’s customized, individualized, movement based approach address the issue at the source of your dysfunction.

Performance Therapy

Performance Therapy sessions are one-on-one, 60 minutes and completely customized to helping you feel better, move better, and perform better as quick and efficient as possible, uniquely combidning manual therapy and strength and conditioning to address your sport and performance needs.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment that can immediately change your ability to produce more strength, improve bloodflow and decrease pain. Treatments target muscular and neurological dysfunction alike. If you are looking for the missing link to your treatment sucesss, this is it.

Massage Therapy

PEAK’s customized and individual approach to massage therapy is what seperates us from the rest. Our skilled experts address your soft tissue and movement dysfunction through their skilled hands-on work. We provide in-home, in the office and corperate treatment sessions.

About Dr. Michael Staropoli

As someone who is an eternal optimist, Dr. Michael Staropoli never feels there is a goal too large or small that doesn’t require the highest level of attention and devotion. He graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy as well as Bachelors in Exercise Science from Sacred Heart Univeristy. He went on to become a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and has advanced training in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, is a Functional Dry Needling Specialist, trained in advanced Kinesiotaping, as well as has his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine.

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