Dry Needling

Decrease Pain

Improve Blood Flow

Improve Strength and Mobility

Fast-track Recovery

Dry Needling is a transformational treatment at PEAK for muscular and neurological injuries alike. It is evidence-based and used to treat injuries from knee pain to sciatica to shoulder pain as well as movement dysfunctions. Dry Needling targets anatomical structures such as muslce, tendon, and fascia as well as scar tissue and to decrease the effect of painful trigger points. The goals and effect of dry needling is to decrease pain, improve blood flow, improve strength and mobility, and fastrack healing and recovery. Each session is guided by an indepth movement anaylsis to direct us where we needle to immediate change your symptoms and movement.

Conditions We Treat

Muscle Strains and Tears

Tendonitis and Plantar Fascitis

Trigger Point Pain

Neck and Back Pain

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